Welcome to Welkerpedia!


We are so excited to finally launch WELKERPEDIA, a fan-created and fan-driven online community focused on the artwork of David Welker.  There is much to see and do here!  We welcome you to peruse the WORKS (in several different searchable methods), participate in WATERCOOLER discussions, as well as upload photographs of your own frame-ups and prints.  As you probably know, David is a prolific artist, so this website will be frequently updated.  If you see something that needs tweaking, please let us know.

Now to meet the Skully Crew:

DAVID WELKER – is the Captain.  (Oh Captain, My Captain!)  He is the reason we’re here, and he promises frequent visits to infuse Welkerpedia with wisdom, insight, and general badassery.

adamava ADAM – is the Webmaster.  He makes links work and the pages do magical, swooshy things.  He’s the duct tape of this operation.
VT-HOME-GAME-WEEKENDS HEATH – is the Art Curator.  His job is to gather the images and art specs (size/run/edition).  He’s the guy that provides/updates the print specifics.
emoji-headbanger JOSH – is the Watercooler Watchman (a.k.a. forum moderator).  He minimizes assholery.  Think of him as the sheriff – a sheriff who knows his Welker.
Mike-Wazowski2 And I’m ARROW, the Editor (and only grrrl).  I write and organize stuff – lots of stuff.  I am also the creator of the bi-monthly Walkabouts.  xo
11 comments on “Welcome to Welkerpedia!
  1. YaY!  It looks great!  Thanks for all the hard work!  I feel very honored to be amongst the first to walkabout around here!  DW fangirl for life ????

  2. Profile photo of Adam Adam says:

    Thanks Samantha. Look for great things to come!

  3. I love that users can upload frame ups when thw thumbnail of a print is selected.   I hope folks take advantage of that.

    I clearly see I’ll be getting nothing  “productive” done today….lol


  4. Profile photo of Nigel Luther Nigel Luther says:

    This is Awesome


  5. Profile photo of Jeff Barber Jeff Barber says:

    Happy to be a member of the new site!

  6. Profile photo of Guadalupe Guadalupe says:

    thanks for having me. I have been officially jumped into this gang.

  7. Profile photo of Coshie Coshie says:

    Great idea & great site! Congrats on your efforts to set it up.

  8. This is going to a fantastic Fansite…Happy to be a part of it!!


  9. Profile photo of Tera Tera says:

    You guys are awesome! Thanks for all the hard work!


  10. Profile photo of Tim Spagnola Tim Spagnola says:

    Thanks all for the time in passion with this effort. So happy to be a part of this community. Images of frame-ups forthcoming.

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